Manor Class of Masonic Instruction.




June 2011

Many lodges hold their own Classes or Lodges of Instruction at which ceremonies are rehearsed and floor-work practised. However, a fair number do not; to cater for those members who wish to improve their ritual but have no LofI of their own, most Centres now have combined Lofis at which all brethren are welcome. Brethren from all Centres are welcome at any of the combined LofIs so if you live a distance from your own Centre, you will be very welcome at a Centre more convenient to home.


The Manor Class of Masonic Instruction meeting at Bletchley has been meeting since 1967 at various venues and now meets every Wednesday in the Bletchley Masonic Hall with the exception of the weeks of Christmas and New Year. It holds an AGM, usually in September, and does an Annual Demonstration Meeting, usually on a Friday in June. Thus, in total, they meet and perform ritual 50 times per year (though there is no ritual at the AGM). The Class normally rehearses the three degrees in weekly rotation and offices for the following meeting are fixed at the end of each session. However, at the request of members, the Class will rehearse an Installation meeting for the benefit of Installing Masters and Masters Elect. Meetings: Every Wednesday at 7.30pm in the Bletchley Centre