Manor of Swanburn No8647



Manor of Swanburn Lodge No 8647


Consecrated 3.6.1975

Masonic Hall, High Street,

Fenny Stratford, Bletchley at 4.00pm.


Consecrating Officers:


R.W.Bro. Sir Ralph Verney BT KBE, DL


Provincial Grand Master


Assisted By: R.W.Bro. Lt. Col. The Rt. Hon. Lord Burnham, PJGW, PPGW


Deputy Provincial Grand Master


W.Bro. His Honour Judge LJ Verney, PJGD, PPGW


AssistantProvincial GrandMaster



 W.Bro. R WSellick, PAGDC, PPGW                                    as      Senior Warden


W.Bro. R K C Holton, Prov.Dep.GDC                                   as      Junior Warden


W.Bro. Rev. J FCheyne, BEM,L.Th, Prov.A.G.Chap            as      Chaplain


W.Bro. Stanley ACayzer, PAGDC, PPGW, Prov.G.Sec        as      Secretary


 W.Bro. E JDeung, PAGDC, PPGW, Prov.GDC                   as       Director of Ceremonies


W.Bro. L HCowley, JP,PPGW                                               as      Inner Guard



Founders of the Manor ofSwanburn Lodge No 8647



 W.Bro F. Cheney                                                                         WM


 W.Bro R. Aldridge                                                                      Act.IPM


 W.Bro A.G. Irons                                                                         SW


 W.Bro H.D.Wilmot                                                                      JW


 Bro G.J. Brown                                                                            Tres


 W .Bro K..J. Fuller                                                                       Sec


 W.Bro T. Holderness                                                                     DC


 W.Bro D. Hitchings                                                                      SD


 Bro A.W Rose                                                                               JD


 W.Bro J.W.E. Bedford                                                                 ADC


 Bro D. Worth                                                                               Asst. Sec


 Bro R. Taylor                                                                                 IG


 Bro D. Goodman                                                                           Stwd


 Bro S. Wallace                                                                               Stwd


 W.Bro B. Blane                                                                             Stwd


 Bro R. Bluck                                                                                  Tyler


Dedication of the Lodge Banner - 28thJanuary 1977




Banner Dedicated by WBro.RecCanonJ.f.CheyneBEM - Provincial GrandChaplin


Banner Bearer - W.Bro R.Aldridge


TheManor of Swanburn Lodge No 8647was formed in 1975 by members from various local Masonic Lodges who attended the weekly

Manor Class of Masonic Instruction

The Consecration took place at the

Masonic Hall, High Street, Fenny Stratford

The Manor Class of Masonic Instruction met weekly at the

Swanbourne College (now Horwood House) and later at the

Manor Hostel in Great Brickhill

The Founder Members chose the nameManor of Swanburn

From theManorhostel andSwanburnbeing the ancient name

For the village of Swanbourne.

The Banner was dedicated on the 28th January 1977

At the Bletchley Masonic Centre Queensway

The Manor of Swanburn Banner & Badge was designed to represent

The Swan being the emblem of the county of Buckinghamshire

And the Greek Sigma sign representing the letter S for swanburn

The Banner used today is the Original and was made by Mrs Reg Aldridge

The Volume of the Sacred Law is still placed on a cushion made by

Mrs Frank Cheney

The Manor Class of Masonic Instruction still meets today,

Every Wednesday Evening at 7.30 at the Bletchley Masonic Centre